Monday, February 4, 2013

Plingie's Guide to Supporting the Grieving

Supporting someone who is experiencing something like the death of a baby is a heart wrenching, awkward, and emotional endeavour. It's a task that requires a little thought, a little effort and the ability to put ones self 'out there'.

The support I have received has been amazing. SO many people expressing their feelings and thoughts and it's been really healing for me. 

So here is my guide to some common issues:

*I am still me. I'm still inappropriate, goofy and weird. Please don't be scared of me. Talk to me.

*I know that no one knows what to say, and I appreciate anything said at all! You can't say the wrong thing if your heart is in the right place. 

*Others may move on but I'm still processing. I sometimes want to go out, I mostly want to stay home. Please forgive me for cancelling plans or turning down invites - being out and about is hard.

*"Is there anything I can do?" is a question I can't really answer. What I need is for other people to do the thinking for me. My mind is all jumbled up and I loose track of time, people, jobs etc easily so I have no idea ;) 

*The wrong things to do are: Ignore me, stare at me and look sad, or tell me other people's stories. 

I'm so sorry that my story is hurting people and I'm eternally grateful for the support I have received :D I just hope this posts makes people feel a little less awkward around me.

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