Sunday, December 30, 2012

Paying it forward

My family have received so much support and kindness from many people in recent months. I am amazed at the human spirit and how much people do to help. We have received emotional support, food, babysitting, cleaning, money, vouchers, gifts, flowers, and most importantly people's time and supportive ears.

I don't think I could ever pay everyone back, mainly because the value of all the support received is more than I could ever give. Also, the kind people who have supported us aren't doing it to receive. They are caring, generous, thoughtful people who want to make a difference.

My first step in paying it forward is to donate to the African Orphan fund via Child Fund. The idea came to me in the form of a very upset wee Sophie coming to me, piggybank in hand, telling me that the ad for it was real and children were starving. She wsa so desperate to help that she emptied her savings onto the couch and begged me to send it to the kids. She even offered to go without bananas for the week so we could send them to the kids.

After explaining that we can't post the bananas, we decided that as a family we would sign up to donate $20 per month and that would help them. Sophie also wants to do jobs to earn more money to send over. I think this is such a fitting way to pay it forward... and is hopefully just the first step of many.

So thank you to all who have supported me. Your gestures are appreciated and are continuing to help, even in Africa!

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