Sunday, December 4, 2011

New foods, yummy foods!

My first week of vegetarianism has been great and SO easy! We have had home made falafel in pita pockets, hummus, lots of veg, chilli on nachos and spag bol made with red lentils. It's all been uber yummy and a fantastic change from what I normally make. "Hungry?" brand Veggie burger patties are FANTASTIC as was my home made satay sauce ;)

I fully intend to go completely vegan - but at this stage I'm taking things slowly and easily and having lots of fun along the way. I'm discovering awesome shops and supplies around Christchurch, friendly and helpful vegetarians, and learning so much about nurtition along the way.

Here are some links that I have found really helpful: - has an awesome 30 day vegan challenge, complete with recipes - has great nurtitional information, including a vegan food pyramid. - information relevant specifically to New Zealand

One thing I'm finding difficult - 'coming out' to friends and family. Everyone asks why, yet they don't want to hear my reasons or they want to argue against it. I find it upsetting. I want my family to see me as the thoughfull, considerate and intelligent person I am but instead I'm often seen as impulsive. I don't necessarily tell people everything I'm thinking, except for Andy. Hopefully he'll help me out and stick up for me once I tell people.

Christmas is coming! Time to look up delish recipes to take along to Mum's Christmas lunch!

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