Thursday, December 1, 2011

A leap of Faith

Actually, this is anything but based on faith. Firstly it's based on emotion, heartache and anxiety then secondly followed up with research, education and internal ethical debate.

It has been so upsetting to me and unsettling too. My bubble of ignorance has popped and this has raised my anxiety levels tenfold. The relisation that the world isn't protected from the worst evils has broken my heart.

I have decided to live my life as cruelty free as I possibly can. Ultimately this means veganism. These are my common thoughts about veganism:

It's just people being too sentimental
It's just people trying to be different
It's attention seeking
It's based on a fallacy
People are meant to eat meat

The last one is that I got stuck on. I still firmly believe that humans are omnivores. Where I come unstuck is on the issue of farming. I have this mental picture of a small hobby farm where the cows are few, they have pasture, shelter, vet care and a long life and are eventually shot in the back of the head without seeing it coming. I imagine chickens that free range through trees and bushes and are fit and healthy.

If all meat and eggs and milk came from this imaginary farm then I'd have no problem eating it. But the reality is different. So digustingly different.

The laws provide a thin veil of humane motives but underneath that, at the coal front animals are a commodity. Just a cog in the machine. They are cared for in a way that fiscally responsible but far from ethical. There is no way I can justify supporting this industry. I can't enable the factory farming of living creatures who suffer.

So the ultimate goal - no meat, dairy or animal products. Sounds huge I know! I'm already meat free as of a week ago. Next step for me is making sure nothing I eat when out and about has hidden meat products in it (which is uber common!).

I also need to start trying *gulp* soy milk and other faux-milks. Wish me luck! This is the scariest thing for me.

Feel free to question me on the nutritional shortcomings of veganism, how awful it is for the kids and how it's unsustainable. I'm now well read and armed with knowledge.

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