Thursday, February 10, 2011

Go Baby Go!

Onto a less selfish post - Lachie has learnt to support himself when put on his hands and knees! This is such a huge milestone for him. He's 18 months old and has a gross motor delay - though no one will utter the words ;) I don't care what they say, an 18month old who doesn't crawl, walk or transition from sitting to lying (and vice versa) is delayed.

Our journey to this point has been confusing, stressfull and worrying. It has made me realise the anguish that other parents go through when their children are ill. My Lachlann is delayed, but OK. He's healthy, happy and bright. Some parents don't have these things, they have no certainty and no answers.

The lack of answers previously consumed me. So many ideas were thrown around by the doctors and of course I googled them all. Swarms of fears where buzzing around me and so much waiting gave me time to convince myself that he was afflicted with all conceivable ailments known to man. I wasted hours and hours trying to play Dr when I should have been playing Mum.

I have released those fears and compulsions now. I have changed focus from searching to answer to focusing on helping my man do whatever he can. Now that we have a physiotherapist on board I can do something to help! I have homework, I have plans and I have hope.

I have been working Lachie through a series of movements and positions which aim to enable him to transition from lying down to sitting, from sitting to hands and knees and back again. I have already seen these working. He'll bend his leg behind him when reaching out for things and he rocks when on all fours.

He still does strange things that only my Lachie would do - like grab his leg and try to thread it through the window of the dolls house, he he he.

He's got hypermobile joints, basically just double jointed. He's so flexible and floppy that he's just like a cuddly, squishy, lovely teddy bear. He loves cuddles, he loves being held and when you pick him up he's like a rag doll.

It's hard to find a balance between protecting and mothering him and being tough and teaching him to look after himself. With my first born I was aware of the need to let her make her own mistakes, have minor injuries, explore and experience life. Lachie needs a slighly higher level of protection - making sure his peers don't trample him too much and protecting his sensitive joints. The physio warned me that he's at high risk of dislocations due to his lax joints and muscles.

I just want him to have the same experiences of a normal child his age, so I need to switch off my overactive maternal instinct and let him live - wish me luck!

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